We are all fighting this virus.

The Ninth is an observance for profound reflection and grieving resulting from this struggle.

January 9th, 2021 is the anniversary of the first reported death from COVID-19ยน.

Together, we can share in the opportunity to honor and reflect on life, death and transformation in this time.

On the ninth of each month, we are seeking communal reflection of all this pandemic has brought.

This website will maintain a list of public events held on the ninth of each month that focus on loss and transition.

Do you lead an online community? You can find resources here as well as the ability share your event below.

Together, we can grow and heal.

Death Over Dinner
Distance Resistance

Alica Forneret
Brad Wolfe
Candi K. Cann
Erica Blair
Lashanna Williams
Michael Hebb

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